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Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin 533C

SUBJECT: Recommended Action for Sudden Engine Stoppage, Propeller/Rotor Strike or Loss of Propeller/Rotor Blade or Tip

Download from Lycoming website

Continental Motors - Service Bulletin M89-7R1

SUBJECT: Engine Operation After Cylinder Replacement And/Or Major Overhaul

Download from CEU site (PDF)

Lycoming - Mandatory Service Bulletin 475C

SUBJECT: Crankshaft Gear Modification and Assembly Procedures

Download from Lycoming website

Lycoming - Service Instruction 1427C

SUBJECT: Lycoming Reciprocating Engine Break-In and Oil Consumption

Download from Lycoming website

Continental - Service Bulletin SB96-11A

SUBJECT: Propeller Strikes and Hydraulic Locks

Download from CEU site (PDF)