Engine Overhaul

CEU can overhaul your engine or provide you with a custom overhaul from one of our available cores to reduce your downtime.  We test run all of our overhauls at our Pembroke Pines headquarters before final inspection.

Prop Strike Inspection

A "prop strike" can occur in several situations, resulting in recommended or required action to be taken before returning to service.  CEU can perform this inspection and help get you back in the air.

Lycoming's Mandatory Service Bulletin 533C identifies propeller/rotor damage conditions and gives corrective action recommendations for aircraft engines that have had propeller /rotor damage as well as any of the following:

  • Separation of the propeller/rotor blade from the hub
  • Loss of a propeller or rotor blade tip
  • Sudden stoppage

A propeller strike includes:

  • Any incident, whether or not the engine is operating, where repair of the propeller is necessary
  • Any incident during engine operation where the propeller has impact on a solid object. This incident
    includes propeller strikes against the ground. Although the propeller can continue to turn, damage to
    the engine can occur, possibly with progression to engine failure
  • Sudden RPM drop on impact to water, tall grass, or similar yielding medium where propeller
    damage does not usually occur

Engine Parts and Accessories sales in New, Overhauled, or Serviceable condition

CEU stocks parts and engine accessories in various conditions.  We can supply parts for planned maintenance or AOG situations faster than anyone, including turbochargers, magnetos, cylinders, starters, and  crankshafts.  We have the experience to make sure we get you the right part.